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For decades the general aviation market has depended on MSP Aviation for precision manufacturing of aerospace components. Our instrument clamps are engineered for reliability and accessibility and have been the clamp of choice for most major aircraft manufacturers. MSP’s manufacturing capabilities extend beyond traditional instrument clamps, cases, and avionics mounts; we are a manufacturer of precision machined components. Please contact MSP Aviation and let our qualified Engineering staff help you design an avionics mount, instrument clamp, or instrument case that will meet your specific requirements.

MSP Aviation manufactures and supplies avionics mounts, cases, switch-guards and cooling ducts to most of the world’s major aircraft manufacturers. As a qualifying statement, “MSP’s products can be found in most Boeing aircraft flying today”. As the commercial aerospace industry evolves to glass cockpit technology, MSP is working closely with our customers to address the challenges of incorporating “integrated avionics systems” into today’s aircraft. Let our experienced Engineering staff help you develop a solution to your avionics mounting requirements.

The corporate aerospace market is booming and MSP is there to provide avionics mounting, packaging and cooling systems to support this growth. Our products can be found in most corporate aircraft cockpits today and we’re looking forward to new opportunities to serve this rapidly growing sector. MSP has the capability, capacity and expertise to provide corporate aircraft manufacturers with precision products at highly competitive pricing.

From EP-3 Bombay Door Hinges to EA-6B NVIS Filters, MSP Aviation has a long standing reputation for providing high quality sheet metal and machined products to the US Defense market. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities coupled with our highly skilled workforce, has earned us tremendous growth in the military aerospace arena and we are proud to build top quality products to support the USA Warfighter!